Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I stumbled out of bed this morning wondering how many hours I would have to sleep to make myself feel rested and refreshed. Do you feel that way? For me, it must be more than 7 hours. Wish I could experiment to find out.


I wonder if part of the reason for my exhaustion was our American Heritage Girls cookout last night. It ended up being a "cook-in" because of all the rain. But we dithered around all day wondering if we should cancel; wondering if it anyone was coming. We made the decision to go ahead with it indoors, although the sun was shining from 6-8 as luck would have it, and the mend did the grilling outside the door while we had the party inside. No one got muddy and the guys got to use the grill. It was a lot of fun for the few families that came.

I think it was just the stress of wondering how it would turn out that wore me out!


Today, I'm wondering what on earth I'll do with myself!

Ok, not really. I have nothing on my calendar, so I'll be calling the cable guy to come back and iron out a few kinks in the system for us. (Did I not tell you that we just got cable for the first time? I guess I put that on FB!)

I'll be sitting and quilting LP's quilt while I wait. Maybe I can get a lot done today. I'm guessing that "a lot" is very relative in the quilting world. I'll be happy if I get the daisy on one square finished and can move on to the next one!


KT will be taking my car and going to UGA today to run some errands. She's doing some moving out and moving in stuff and some work orientation. She's taking my car because she's taking most of her furniture, but she's leaving her car here. That's newsworthy because she just got a new, previously owned vehicle a few days ago. She'll be paying for it with her new job at school, but it's paying for itself already in the stress reduction around here. Let me tell you.


It's going to be a great weekend around here! Dh and I will be celebrating our 23 anniversary on Sunday and we have a fun date planned for Saturday night. He found a great deal (throught Atlanta on the Cheap twitterfeed) for dinner and a concert. We get to go to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, which is pretty close and we haven't been to yet, to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra play Rogers and Hammerstein show tunes. I'm so excited!


I'd like to spend a chunk of time on Saturday learning to use some of the iwork features we got with this new computer. I want to learn to use spreadsheets and the budgeting features. Wish me luck!


I hope to spend some time today blogging our excursion to Philadelphia and cheesesteak territory. Hmmm, was it the highlight of our trip? The best day ever?

Wait and see.


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  1. That sounds like a great concert. Have fun!

  2. I think about 27 hours sleep a day would suit me fine!

    have a great time quilting! I hope that the quilt doesn't grow when you're not looking like mine always seem to!

    Happy Anniversary! enjoy your date!!!

  3. happy anniversary. i hope the concert was great


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