Monday, July 13, 2009


Today's the big day for Hitch's college orientation!  Tomorrow, too.  When KT was at this stage, we went together; it was orientation for both of us.  Even though we didn't get to spend the whole time together, we did have fun exploring the campus and just being together when we had a chance.

This time, I have too much going on at home and, frankly, not enough cars.  Nor do I have the need to go through college orientation again---so poor Hitch is having to go it alone.  I don't know what it's like at other colleges, but they are extremely anxious to separate you from your child here!  When we walked in, they pointed him toward "student registration" and me toward "parent registration".  Since I wasn't registering, but leaving, as soon as I paid for him to attend, I just got in line with him.  10 seconds later someone was beside pointing out that this was "student" registration.  Duh, I'm just going to write a check.

Can you believe that they had to get a supervisor to help me out of there???  I was seriously ticked off after being there for 2 minutes.  

Do you think they would have given me a little credit for not being a helicopter parent if I told them I was abandoning him leaving as soon as I paid?

So, Hitch deposited his stuff in his room and met up with us (KT was with us) in the lobby.  Just a couple minutes later, they called for a group to walk down to the student center and he left. Just like that.  Not even a hug, or I'll call you later, Mom.  

Those Orientation People would have been proud!   Grrrr.  


Part 2 of the day's saga finds us at Ikea.  You didn't know this was a 2-part story?  Sorry.  At least it has a happy ending!

KT and I made our way back to town where we picked up Madden from football practice and dragged him to Ikea.  It was supposed to be a quick trip---is there such a thing at Ikea? you ask.  The answer is a resounding "NO!"

At this point we all had low blood sugar and I felt the maternal urge to re-attach myself to my 3 youngest at home (where TMax was leading the Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure  for the day!).  That means I was getting very cranky and wanted to go home.  Fortunately, after fortifying ourselves with some good old American Swedish food, we were all prepared to shop.  A little.  

We tried really hard to stay on track---Duvet, desk lamp, lamp shade.  Let's go!  

Don't you love how they have that place designed so that you have to snake through the entire store to get to the cash registers?  Finding lots of really good deals along the way?  

We were strong until the very end, where we had to go into the 75% off/As-is section! Wouldn't you know we found a perfect bed and mattress for KT's new apartment?  It was too good a deal to pass up in spite of the fact that we were all tired and didn't feel like taking the bed apart ourselves and loading it into the car.  But, we managed it in the end, making a lot of crashing and banging noises in the store.  lol.

It was a super-long day, but I'm really happy to have found such a great deal on something she loves.

The other kids were all fine without me, and Hitch hasn't called or texted, so he must be fine, too.

Isn't God good to me?




    just love it.

    hmmm... don't i need something from there???

  2. I'm so glad there's not an Ikea within two hours of me! Glad you found some good deals. Hope Hitch had a good orientation.

  3. Hey - Sorry for the poor treatment at UGA. Happy Birthday to Pete! I looked up when he was on the block at the swim meet. I don't know which lane he was in, but I was a bit surprised to see a row of men and not the sweet little boy I remember! Now, here you've posted the baby pictures. Quite a change in a short period of time!

  4. oh wow, 2 in college....

    I can't imagine...nor do I want to.

    hubby's been to IKEA with his mom...but I've never been. As I'm a in and out with list person it sounds like a trip through pergatory!!


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