Thursday, July 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes


Anyone who know me knows that I'm terrible when it comes to remembering dates. I could never have been a history major! So, it won't surprise you to know that I missed my first Blogiversary back on June 26 (or was it the 27th?). I just looked it up yesterday and I've already forgotten, but if you still want to celebrate, go right ahead. Have a mocha grande on me.


We're leaving on our summer vacation tomorrow at 0'dark-thirty. We'll be driving up to VA and staying with family a little and making little daytrips to places with cannons.


Have you seen this Catholic website for women? Phases of Womanhood. It looks vaguely familiar, as if I read an article that someone else linked to. A friend of mine sent the link to me since she's now on the board. It looks like lots of good stuff!


A big, belated "thank you" to all of you who offered to help with our Apple transition. There are still a few issues to work through, but I'm getting used to it. I'm wondering if we're going to be taking it back for an exchange. The fan makes noise, and I swear, it's like sitting here with a big cat on the desk purring.


We're wrapping up our Summer Faith Adventure from Holy Heroes, today. It's been a great vacation Bible school for the kids. Easy to do and very educational. We've been to Bible camps in the past that didn't actually teach much about the faith. Unfortunately, we've had to abbreviate it a bit, but that's okay. The snack for today and yesterday (which we are just about to make) will be saved for snacks in the car tomorrow!


I'm feeling like summer is fast coming to a close! It's so sad! After we get back from our trip, football 2-a-days will start and Madden will be gone all day, every day, again. There will be barely 2 weeks before KT and Hitch leave for school. On my birthday, no less.

When I was growing up, summer ended in September. Now it's mid-August.


We finished refinishing the old coffee table and it looks great. I had no idea how bad it looked before! Isn't it amazing what you get used to a little at a time? Though, to be fair, I think this pic was taking after a little sanding.

KT and Hitch still have a long way to go on her dresser. Now all the little curved edges and crevices have to be sanded by hand and no one has the willpower to do it!


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  1. funny how summers change as your kids get older.....I can't wait for this summer to end and I"m only half way through it!! School won't start till Aug 24th...sigh. The kids are going stir crazy in the house and it's too hot to always go outside...I'm longing for the set routine of school/therapy!!


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