Friday, March 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


Busy weekend ahead. Co-op today, dropping Tmax off for a Boy Scout campout, fish fry tonight, drama rehearsal tomorrow for Hitch; I'm working the Father/Daughter Sock Hop from 3 pm onward. I hope the Lil Princess will be well enough to go! She was feverish again yesterday at American Heritage Girls. In fact, 2 girls there had fevers! I have AHG paperwork that has to get done tomorrow, too. I'm so glad Sunday is a day of rest. I think Hitch has drama rehearsa, but he can drive himself!


This week will be full of drama rehearsals and late pickups at school since Harvey opens on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing Hitch in it; it's one of his favorite movies. The School does great drama productions.


Not much happening on the creative front. I finished those costumes and haven't started anything new---although I washed the fabric to make myself a skirt. If that goes well, I may make several more.


We've also slacked off on the Lenten plan to clean a room a day because we've been so busy trying to get our schooling done. But then, KT cleaned Hitch and Madden's room with them when she was home (and that was a monumental task!). Thanks, sweetie! I did do major work in the kitchen and we're working hard to keep the clutter at bay. Maybe this weekend we can do some of the easier rooms and get those checked off!


On the health front---Pipster recovered very quickly from his fever the other day. It seems to be the same virus that Hitch had, but he didn't get it as badly. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Hitch had such a bad case because he is perpetually exhausted from their school shedule. The Little Princess is a little worse than Pipster. KT reports from school that she's getting it, too. I have a slight tickle in my throat and am taking Emergen-C religiously to keep it away! The other 3 men are too manly to get it evidently. This virus is making its way around town.


I'm loving the weather right now and the trees budding. When we got home from Oklahoma, the redbuds were in bloom and now the pear trees. The cherry trees aren't completely there yet, but they are my favorite. I love their bark.

It was interesting to make that long drive at the tail end of winter. There were not many signs of spring that I recall, but I realized that it is so much greener here in Georgia. There are so many pine tress that we have a lot more green than other places do.


Did I ever mention the devastation in Kentucky? Practically the entire time we were in Kentucky, the roads were flanked by broken trees. Some parts were worse than others----simply devastated. Trees down everywhere. One area that we drove through was not on a major highway, but a 2 lane road through small towns and it was like driving through a tunnel. The trees limbs were piled high right up against road. I vaguely recalled the winter storm that we'd heard about a couple of weeks earlier. My brother said the state was declared a disaster area, and they were still working on power lines when we drove through.

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  1. speaking of drama prod - BT did Sweeney Todd this yr for their musical?!?! ridiculous. although the kids did a wonderful job, the sub. matter was not; esp. being a "catholic" hs. [lower case 'c' intended]. you should hear some other things they did. Eck! but from what i hear Marist also did Sweeney. great!

  2. i decided im not sick - just allergies!

  3. I just found your blog via Conversion Diary. I love it! I look forward to reading more!


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