Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

I can't believe it is Friday already!


Our precious KT is home for the weekend from her spring break trip. We're happy to have her home in one piece!


Crafting has slowed down a bit here since I finished the socks. I finished the quilt top for LP's bed just as my sewing machine broke down. But I got it fixed by an old-timer who wants to retire. Who will fix sewing machines then???? My 20 yo machine runs like a dream, now. But so far I haven't been motivated to work on the backing or putting the quilt together. Soon.


In the meantime, crafty urges are being met by sewing costumes for our homeschool drama production and a poodle skirt for the Little Princess's father/daughter dance next weekend. Every little (and big) girl there will probably be dressed in a pink skirt. No other color would do for my princess!


The Pipster says "Hi" He had a lot of fun with this glove and taking pictures of it in various poses.


I'm still working on Spring cleaning a room a day. I just love the new look of my library since I did a fair amount of decluttering in here the other day. I even got the Silly Putty out of the rug! The question is: how long with these spaces remain uncluttered? I'm keeping after the kids to pick of the little items they leave in their wakes. I swear, they just shed clothes, socks, earrings, Webkins, paper airplanes, etc. wherever they go! It's going to get tough when I get the kitchen and family room done---the two rooms where the most clutter accumulates!


I discovered Caveman Cookies over at Son of Grok's blog. He developed them and I'm totally loving the newest incarnation of them: banana flavored! I made them with almonds and walnuts and they taste like banana bread. An excellent addition to my "Saint" diet since they're yummy, filling, and don't contain sugar or grains.

OTOH, I'm dying to make cake pops which I discovered at Pioneer Woman's blog. Who knew Bakerella has her own blog? These are definitely NOT on the saint diet. I don't want to eat them, just make them. Who am I kidding? I do want to eat them, too! I'm sure the kids would have a blast making them. Actually, maybe watching kids roll up cake balls with their bare hands and dip them in chocolate would be enough of a deterrent from eating them. After all, they're not getting baked in a hot oven after handling!

Can you hear the debate going on in my head? I think we need to steer clear of these babies!


I started drinking coffee again, some of my friends will be glad to know. I needed the caffeine for our trip out west! I don't plan to drink it every day since I've been drinking more tea, but I really enjoy a hot cup of coffee. When I'm out, I'll usually get a decaf, but I needed a jolt yesterday (probably DST sleepies!) and got a cup from Dunkin Donuts. Half of it had me jittery the first half of the day and wired the second half!

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sara (somehow I missed your new posts -- blogger didn't update on my sidebar). She had a long life -- you are lucky to have had her for so many years. My grandma is 93 and I am so grateful for her long life.

    On another note, I am admiring that you are starting your cleaning. I had every intention -- even printed out a schedule, but I haven't started. I think I realize that it will be a mess by Easter if I start now! Maybe that huge burst at the end of Lent serves its purpose!

    PS I read the DD coffee has more caffeine than any other! ;o)

  2. Sara, I just love all the colors you chose for your quilt making project. I'm thrilled to find someone else with an older model sewing machine, here, here. :-) If you ever need a tune up (or fix) again, look up your local sewing machine sales store because they usually have a repair area at the back to tap into.

    As for spring cleaning and coffee, I qualify and can join the clean-team. LOL Moving into a new house, one can't help but spring,summer,fall and winter clean all at once. LOL I've needed the coffee and welcome the caffeine stimulus these days just to get by. Actually I'm joshing, but you know how it can be no doubt.

    So sorry to hear of your loss. My grandmother died when she was 93 and I miss her terribly! It was our special times together that I miss, seeking her infinite wisdom and always hearing her cheerleading each time I became pregnant again. She loved babies so much and died before I could tell her baby#8 was on the way. :-(

    Anyway Sara, happy Facebooking (jk) but if you're there anyway, why not be friends with me too...laugh.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. God Bless

  3. Those cake balls - too cute! Now I'm way tempted to use all my extra WW points and make some.

    And your quilt top is darling. Love it! So glad you sewing machine is up and running again.

    I'm doing the whole clutter thing again too. I swear we live parallel lives.

  4. Thank you for the link! I am glad you are enjoying the cookies :-)

    The SoG


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