Friday, January 23, 2009

A Lovely Award

Thanks to Shelly, I have more love to share.
So, I'm sharing with
1. Carol, whose blog is all about her love for her kids!
2. Fawndear, who can make lovely things! and
3. Sara S., who writes lovely poems and prayers!


I'm up waaaaay too late tonight working on the last fish hat----and I do mean "The Last". Friends today at the March for Life saw them and wanted me to make some for them, but really, I'm sick of them. I have other plans for my frantic fingers!

It has been a long, yet lovely, day today with schoolwork this morning and then a trip downtown by Marta to go to the March for Life. I really wanted to stay home and get things done that needed to be done, but the kids wanted to go and I was not at peace with the decision to stay home, so I knew it was the wrong one. We had a snack and headed out the door. It was a very smooth trip---not too many weirdos on the train---we didn't get lost downtown leaving the station---we saw wonderful friends that we don't see enough of before the walk began---dh came over from the office and joined us---we prayed a whole rosary while we walked and it made the walk, and the rosary very short (one of the most contemplative rosaries I have prayed in a while!).

I expected it to take so much more out of my day, but we got our critical schoolwork done; I got the laundry done (well, dh folded it!); got dinner made and made it to my American Heritage Girls Board Meeting in plenty of time.

All in all, an awesome day. All because I've been praying more and trying to find out, and more importantly, DO God's will in my day??? Maybe.

I'll have to try again tomorrow because tomorrow is day that definitely requires prayer to get through.


  1. So you were there huh? it would have been funny to recognize each other!!
    I'm SOOOO thankful that the weather was gorgeous, but i thought our route was MUCH shorter than previous marches. we got through one rosary and only one decade of Divine Mercy chaplet!
    Mass was packed too - sardines I tell ya! Love it! [if i wouldve spotted one of those fish hats, i KNOW i wouldve been searching for you!]

  2. do tell what plans you have for your frantic little fingers

  3. Sara, You totally deserve this award and it was so sweet of you to pass it on to me.
    Your post is a beautiful reminder that if we do keep the Lord first in our lives through prayer and study that our days run much smoother. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and I realized it's because I haven't done as well on those fronts and it's something I need to get going on again. So thank you dear Sara for all the ways you inspire me and others!


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