Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fishy Fun

2 down, 1 to go! The Dead Fish are kind of fun to make, but 3 might be my limit.

I have Little Princess's fish lips done, and I'm going pretty slowly. I think I'll manage to stretch this 4 day project out for another week and a half. Pipster's wasn't even done until the day AFTER his birthday---I still had to sew on the eyes.

Yesterday while we were out, he and TMax got a big kick out of wearing them down over their faces to see the reactions of people they walked past. It was mostly little children who did the staring!

What do you think? Would you take a second look if you saw this at Target?


  1. ooooh, those are super fun! i might hvae to give them a whirl. i didnt click the pattern yet but if it was in the round, did you do jogless stripes or just jogfull stripes? love tem

  2. ahaha. i really like the colors on pips


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