Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I've made it through the most stressful part of my week---Wahoowa! Today will still be a busy day with KT coming home, picking up Hitch and Madden who have a half-day, going to co-op, coming home to clean and shop before the In-laws arrive. But they've been around enough to know how things are, so I'm not stressing too much about that. We're just going to have to skip Cub Scouts tonight. That is more than I can handle.

2. My sweet friend, ML, is still in ICU on the ventilator, but her lung function is improving and we hope she can go home soon. Please keep praying for this wonderful, gentle soul.

3. I'm trying to calm down my frantic fingers. I'm working on a pair of socks now. Not even halfway through the first sock, I have to say that socks are not my favorite thing to knit. The needles are too small. DPNs annoy me for some reason. Maybe I wouldn't mind a big, chunky pair of socks, but I think it will be summer before I can wear these wool socks. The whole point of knitting is to have something to do during those times I'm sitting still (ha!) waiting in carpool lines, watching soccer games, etc. And I really don't do those things. But there are so many beautiful, exciting knits out there in the blogosphere, it's all I can do not to order more yarn and patterns. I feel like an addict.

4. I've given up coffee and caffeine. Why? I'm not sure. Probably to be kind to my liver. In any case, I spent the week tapering off. All I had yesterday was a couple of sips, and I'm done. This will help get the coke out of my life, too. The kids were soooo disappointed when I got gas yesterday and NO 44 oz. Diet Coke to share!!!

5. I was starting to get excited about the Superbowl, and crocheting drink cozies in team colors (!), until I read about the commercials that are shown during football games. I'm so ready to get rid of the TV! Even if there is an acceptable show on, the commercials are way too trashy and we spend our time flipping around to avoid them.

6. Now that my super-busy week is over, I'm looking forward to spending some time down in the room formerly known as The Schoolroom. I have an apron for Pipster cut out and ready to sew and the goods for KT's Emmeline apron waiting. Maybe I can get that one done while she's here. But she'll be back Tuesday for....

7. Madden's Confirmation. That, of course, is the reason Ma and Pa B are coming to visit. And, God bless 'em, they're brave souls to come to this house for 5 days! I'm looking forward to my fine young man becoming a soldier of Christ.


  1. Good on you for giving up Coke! That seems to be everyone's New Year's resolution, lol.

    I just popped over from Jen's QT's list, and wanted to say hello.


  2. Woohoo!! I didn't know caffeine was bad for the liver - I thought there was a study somewhere that said it was good, which is one reason I drank it for YEARS AND YEARS! Anyway, congrats on giving it up & more importantly - Congrats to Madden!

  3. yeah, we record the game and will start watching it about 30 minutes to an hour late. we usually FF all the commercials/halftime.
    congrats on the confirmation!!


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