Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday! Conclusion.

Last Day of Six

Today is my sweet, baby's birthday. It's so hard to believe the Little Princess is 7. I shouldn't be calling her the Baby anymore since she's a young lady. Everyone remarks on how grown up and put-together she is with her dangly earrings, red pea-coat, purse on her shoulder, and her hair twisted up on the back of her head. She's really something!

This is Seven---with her "Nature" cake

Now she's ready to cook in her new apron that Mommy made for her!

Happy Birthday, Precious!!!! We love you!


  1. she is gorgeous sara! happy birthday to your baby!

  2. It was just yesterday!! Seven years already! Tell Meg I said Happy Birthday!

  3. I so wish we were neighbors. Your Little Princess and my Peach would be best buds!


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