Monday, September 15, 2008

Month of Nothin' --Update

It has been, what? A week? We've been amazingly good, but it does seem sometimes that we're simply accruing a list of things to buy on October 1. The only unplanned purchases we've made were:

  • birthday presents for KT and Hitch who turn 19 and 17 this weekend.
  • a silicone baking mat for cookies (shhh!). I bought only one for $9.99 when I really would have liked 2 and it took me 5 hours to bake the cookies that I could only bake 6 at a time! A second one would have paid for itself in labor alone.
In addition to not buying extra stuff, I went through the grocery budget and determined how much I could spend at Costco this week, and how much at Publix for the next 3 weeks. I came in right on target at Publix Friday by sticking to my list and using my calculator religiously. Today, we went to Costco and made it $25 under. I was tempted to go buy another package of meat, but I'm sure that $25 will come in handy at Publix, or won't be necessary.

So far, unlike some of my friends, I haven't gone to an all-cash system, though I'm starting to see how that could help.


  1. I haven't done the cash system either but I see how it could have made a big difference last week.
    Costco in under $25 - is almost a miracle(for me). You go Girl!

  2. Did I make it clear that we spent $175 and the budge was $200? It's unusual to get out of there for less than $250. Usually it's over $300---and I still have to go back for things we run out of!


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