Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Friday!

Hooray! Today is Fun Friday! What makes it especially fun is that we don't have co-op this afternoon. Co-op is great, for the kids. It's one of those things I do for the kids because they love it so much. Me? Not so much. Frankly, less than that.

So todaaaayyy, we'll have Plenty of time to meander down the Alphabet Path and have fun with the letter P. I'm not sure who is in the book under P (could it Possibly be Peter?), but we'll be reading about that saint and St. Philip Neri, one of our family Patron saints. Maybe we'll even do some cooking and have a fun lunch or snack. I know we should be making some Colonial Cornbread for history, but that's hardly a P. What foods begin with P? That I have in my Possession already because it's the Month of Nothing?

Another component of today will probably be housecleaning. Woohoo! Because Mama needs to feel like life is NOT out of control. Because dust and clutter make her feel out of control and way too busy. Because she just volunteered last night to be the Assistant Troop Coordinator for the Little Princess's American Heritage Girls troop.

For those not in the know, AHG is the Christian answer to the Girl Scouts of America whose original principles have not stood the test of time, unlike the Boy Scouts of America.

Anyway, I looked around at the faces at the meeting last night and saw who was there and already commited, and the new mom's who had the deer-in-the-headlights look, and realized that there wouldn't be a troop if I didn't commit. It wasn't some grand heroic effort on my part, and I'm not a martyr, but it was time to say "yes" to the call. I hope it will all be manageable and I'll be able to be cheerful about it. More cheerful than about, say, co-op! I can say that I'm at peace with it, so that's a really good sign! It felt right to make that decision at that time, not a moment sooner.

Just keep me in your prayers. Maybe we should all say a little prayer for other, overcommitted Moms when we're stressed.


  1. Dust and Clutter make me feel out of control and way too busy too! However, I just can't seem to catch up! Ugh!

    The AHG troop sounds like lots of fun! Good for you for coordinating it!

    I will say a prayer for you! God Bless!

  2. is this the one that's out of st. benedicts or is it andrew? i can't keep them all straight! and all those parishes blend together in my head.

    Shelley s. is in the group too, i believe. she gave me some info, but i think it's too much, too far. oh well.

    let me know how you like it. maybe [????] i could look to start one 'round here [aka - the boonies]


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