Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekly Rambles

::Weekly Rambles::

What’s really on my mind and heart?
On my mind is the end of the school year, and all the "last things" that go with a high school senior. I think I'm having a harder time dealing with his looming (in August!) departure for college more than the others because The Nest will be more than half-empty. Four of my six precious children will be pretty much independent adults, and I will have only 2 at home.

The strange, sad part of having only 2 left is that I'm constantly reminded of how little time I have left to form them into good human beings. I think of all the ways I failed as a mother and all the things I wish I had known when they were little. It makes me determined to give them the best I can in these remaining years---but then, I remember, that I've been doing My Best for 25 years, and even though My Best may be better now, God can still use the poor attempts that I made to make them into awesome people. Which they are. God's got this covered, even if I don't.

What am I thankful for?
Warm, sunny days, and relaxing walks with the dog.

What’s going on in school?
Wrapping up. Final exams. Final projects. Drama performances. Piano Recitals. Mayhem ensues next week!

What’s cooking?
Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for the horde. Sadly, the cinnamon rolls are not for me.

What’s on the needles?
Not much. I have found that I can knit the sock yarn blanket without hurting my hand because it uses much smaller needles, different hand positions, and a lot more changing of positions.

What’s special about this week?
It's the Calm Before the Storm.

What am I reading?
I started reading Julia Child's My Life in France this morning while Meg was at the dentist. It was hard to stay focussed with Good Morning America blaring, but I think I'm going to love this book! She seems simply fascinating. I've thought about cooking my way through her cookbook like Julie and Julia, but that might be difficult without wheat, dairy, soy, nightshades, and sugar.

What am I praying about?

  • the kidnapped Nigerian girls
  • the persecution of Christians all over the world
  • our Priests & deacons
  • for Eric and Elizabeth

What’s on my ipod?/
The Catholics Next Door. They're a lot of fun and very down-to-earth as they talk about their faith, family, and struggles.

What projects are happening at home?
A little furniture painting and waxing that I really need to show you. Tomorrow?

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  1. "I think of all the ways I failed as a mother and all the things I wish I had known when they were little."

    I think that is the source of so much of my anxiety. And I think that comes from not seeing the successes of my big kids simply because I am not with them all the time. I just see the younger ones fall and imagine them falling forever. Sigh. Today has not been a good day and I just keep thinking how I have failed miserably. I need to go pray that I can see God's work in these people.


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