Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes


Quick Takes this morning because I have TIME today! They don't actually have to be quick though, but I'll try to stay in the spirit of the thing. I have time today because the kids are all still asleep. Yesterday was the last day of school (in case you weren't here yesterday and missed that glorious announcement!), and Pip doesn't have to be at drama rehearsal until noon. Noon. Happy day!


Last night was the AHG Court of Honor for the end of the year. Meg received her Lewis & Clark level award (the highest award for Explorers) and moved up to the Pioneer level. She was so excited to be joining her best friends who are all at least a year ahead of her. She's been asking all year when it would be. When she realized on Wednesday that Thursday was the Big Day, she started jumping up and down screaming. 

She finally gets a sash instead of a vest!


Faith. Service. Fun. (AHG's tagline)

A cake decorating contest is a great way to provide refreshments to your large group without overtaxing a refreshment committee. We had so. many. cakes. Little girls love to make cakes and decorate them! Meg's cake was appreciated by a few gluten-free moms---because that is what was in my pantry.


Meg, onstage, in her Oliver! production. She's a flower seller and got a lot of time singing front and center in this scene.


This is the little birdie that I ended up commissioning a very talented friend to make for our piano teacher. Tom took lessons for 10 years, and Brendan took lessons from her for several years before that, so it was weird to be saying goodbye. Don't you just love those iridescent (I'm so happy my computer helps me with spelling sometimes!) piano keys on the wings?! 


Tom and his girlfriend before the recital last week. Just because they're so cute together. Every picture of them is this perfect! She was with us practically every night last week for all the events.

And the other cute couple, Katie and boyfriend. It's nice to start adding significant others to the family events.

I keep hearing rumors of a 3-day weekend because it's Memorial Day, but I just don't see it. We still have dress rehearsal all day today, 2 shows tomorrow, another AHG event tomorrow evening, another AHG event at Mass on Sunday (not at our parish), and then, I think, we have Memorial Day off to remember our fallen soldiers and grill and go to the pool. Weather permitting.
There's a very nice event nearby that we've gone to for several years. What do you do on Memorial Day to mark the occasion?


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