Thursday, May 22, 2014

PHFR - Last Day of School

round button chicken


I was walking the dog, and it was hot, so I stopped in the shade of a tree to enjoy the sun glinting off the water of the pool and the breeze blowing through the leaves.


The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls are a great way to celebrate any occasion! They were yummy on graduation morning, and they're very welcome on the Last Day of School.

Another version of {happy} is that I made that huge batch of cinnamon rolls (which are seriously the best I have ever had in my life!) and I didn't eat a single one. I didn't lick my fingers once while making them, and I didn't taste the frosting. And I was fine with that. Two miracles, you guys, TWO: not tasting and not caring!


Meg's face after getting hit with a water balloon at the park with her school.

And high schoolers on the very sturdy swings going as high as they possibly can.


Gus got as close to a summer haircut as he's going to get. I got him a Furminator which removed way, way more hair than his regular brush. He hated it---more than the regular hairbrush (and that's saying something!)---and growled at me constantly, but he should feel a lot cooler now.

Also {real}---we are so close to the end of the May Mayhem that I can almost taste it! The past weeks have been absolutely crazy with so many events, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just 3 more days of Too Many Activities and then we'll be done. Maybe. I just thought of a couple more on Monday and Tuesday, but they're just "summer activities" and not part of the regular school year; they just happen to occur immediately after it ends. Sigh.

It will be okay. God has it all under control. Everything that needs to happen happens, and everything that doesn't gets cancelled or we say No. It's all good. But I can't wait for a day of not going anywhere. I started to say "doing nothing" but that never happens, if you know what I mean. ;-)

Are you putting your feet up yet? Or have you yet to begin your End of Year mayhem?

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