Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yard Sale Reburbish

I promised a few days (weeks?) ago that I would show you the transformation of this sofa table that I picked up at a church yard sale. I've been way too busy to blog lately with To-Do lists that are out of control, and my mind focused on other things. Today I have a massive headache and I'd be in bed, but that doesn't help. It just makes me feel sorry for myself. It's better to be up and moving! Slowly.

Anyway....the table....

It's wood and laminate with 2 slate insets that I really like. That's what drew me to the table to begin with. That and the desire to paint furniture. ;-)

Trashy pic in the garage with all the clutter.
The center panel had (has) a lot of water damage and was very warped. I used the electric sander on it, and it's better, but it's not a showpiece.

The Original Plan was to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, but I ran out. When I went to the antique mall to get more, I found they aren't selling it any longer. They have a new paint.

This paint has two benefits over Annie Sloan: A quart is $6 cheaper AND it has the finish built-in, so you don't have to pay for wax or put wax on it---unless you want to.

Of course they didn't have any white, so I chose Ancient Gray. It went on beautifully. I did two coats, and after it dried I went over it very quickly with the sander to distress it a little. Not too much.

Wow. These iphone pics are awful. Sorry about that. Someday I'll have a real camera! The three crates from Tar-jay fit perfectly and give me extra storage in my sewing/craft room.

 It's all cleaned up, and we even hung stuff on the walls! 

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