Thursday, November 15, 2012


round button chicken

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~
 I snapped this photo on my way home from Boy Scouts one evening.  I was stopped at the light, and it was too stunning to pass up.  I put it on my iphone background and it makes me happy whenever I turn on my phone!


These are not-great-pics of the amazing clouds we saw yesterday.  Hard to take a good pic on the cell phone when you're going down the highway at top speed the speed limit.  It was a blanket of clouds that looked a lot like long strips of white material being waved up and down by angels.  The waves were pretty amazing; I've never seen anything like it in my life.  

Why is it under {happy}, you ask?  Because anything that reminds me of the greatness of God's creation, and HIS Greatness, makes me happy.  So, yeah, the sunset could go here, too.


A couple of examples of the creativity that blossoms when Meg should be doing her schoolwork.

Adorable little playdough face.


A big jar of soon-to-be-sauerkraut which some people in the family loooooveee.  I don't know if they love it 4 qts. worth, but we'll see!


  1. You're working hard, making your own sauerkraut - good for you!

    I'm always grabbing the camera for sunsets - it's cheering and uplifting. Your cloud picture is like nothing I've ever seen before. :O

  2. I kept trying to get fall foliage pictures while out and about but they just didn't turn out right. Oy. So I handed the phone to the kids to see what they could get while I concentrated on the road. End result? 23 pictures of the van seats. I should have been more specific. :)

    1. I have that problem, too, sometimes! Why don't they know exactly what's in our heads???? ;-)

  3. Wow, those clouds are amazing!


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