Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tree Excitement

We had some excitement here before Thanksgiving when we had this big Leyland Cypress cut down.  We had a smaller, dead oak in the backyard cut down, and then the large Water Oak in the center of the back pruned significantly.

 The Cypress came down very quickly, and was eaten in seconds by the chipper!

Now we have a teeny, tiny, holly bush growing in that spot.  It has a lot of catching up to do!  No, it's not that small, and you're not blind.  They planted it the next day!

It's weird that now we can see the neighbor's house.  But it's nice that we can talk to each other more easily when the kids are playing.  Until the holly catches up.

You can't tell from this picture, but they raised the canopy on that tree about 15 feet, meaning they cut off all the lower branches.  They also pruned out lots of little branches all the way up to allow more light to reach the backyard.  We have nothing but dirt and moss back there because of the shade!  It's already so much more pleasant and less claustrophobic in the yard; I can't wait to see what it's like in the summer.  Will grass grow????

I was very happy with the work they did, but I was NOT happy to see this.  I had Pip take a couple of pictures in case there was an accident.  Can you tell I'm married to a lawyer who used to do Personal Injury?


Do all kids get excited about this sort of thing?  Or is it just the unsocialized (wink, wink) home schoolers?

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