Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Missing Mom

It's funny how it strikes out of the blue.  I think of my mother often and speak of her without difficulty, but sometimes I just miss her so much it hurts.  For some reason, I was really feeling her absence during Thanksgiving and the week after.

For the most part, I struggled to put my finger on what was wrong with me during that time period, but when I found myself crying, it always seemed to be for my mom.  Yes, other things were getting me down, too, but I missed her dreadfully.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Did I want her to comfort me, or was the other stuff a symptom of the sorrow?

Maybe because today is her birthday, the 5th birthday without her, and I've heard that we often mourn anew just before a significant date rather than on the date itself.  I miss her presence around Christmas because she loved decorating for Christmas.  I remember we always had our decor up by Dec. 1, if not actually Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I hope you're having a good time in Heaven.

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