Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Caroling

One of the service projects our American Heritage Girls troop does every year is to go Christmas caroling at a local nursing home.  This is not one of the upscale places.  It's a place for medicaid patients where they have 3 to a room, their spaces divided only by a curtain.  3 little tv's on the counter across the room, all tuned to different stations for the residents.

This year there was a mixup and another group was doing the same thing (caroling and providing refreshments) in the main community room.  It was very stressful for our coordinator, but we were eventually taken down to the basement to a smaller community room and patients were brought in to us.  These were the much less mobile residents who were very frail and many were unable even to speak.

I think we were sent down there because these residents are the ones who don't usually get to go to the Christmas parties!  It was the kind of mixup that the Holy Spirit causes and it was a blessing to all of us.  It's very touching to hear the non-verbal residents sing along to the Christmas carols.  That is something they remember and can still do!

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