Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day!

 St. Nick arrived early and brought Barbara's doughnuts!  I love these doughnuts---they're so easy to make.  I whipped up the dough last night (no yeast!  no rising!) and fried them this morning.  

Has your oil ever foamed up on you?  Something tells me that the children on kitchen duty need a lesson in rinsing dishes!

 6 a.m. is too early for an almost 16 year-old to be excited about his stocking.

 Also sleepy.

 Wide awake and bolted out of bed when I turned on the light.

 The Schoolteacher---not quite photo ready!

 Our Jesse/Christmas tree.  It has a few purple ornaments to dress it up as we add the Jesse Tree ornaments, plus the new ones that St. Nick just brought for the kids.

Sadly, we're missing our big boys---Can't wait for them to come home next week!

Have a blessed feast day!

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