Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

It's a happy Christmas here, and I hope it is at your home, as well!

We went to Midnight Mass last night which began with a choral concert at 11:15.  The pastor was brief, so Mass was not overlong and we were able to go home and open our presents at a decent hour of the morning.  Ha!  Most of us were ready to go to bed by 3:00, but I stayed up a little longer to help My Daughter, The Great Procrastinator, finish sewing a stuffed robot for a friend.

Another beautiful Mass for me this morning.  I sang while most of the family continued to slumber, or at least lie around sluggishly eating scones.

It has been a lovely, though rainy, relaxing day here, just spending time together.  I'm drinking eggnog (with actual bourbon!) while finishing up details for our late Christmas dinner.  (As soon as I finish blogging!)

I hope your family has a blessed Christmas Season!

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