Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How's the Weather This Year?

Have you ever seen this idea for knitting the weather?  (Quick click; you don't have to read the whole thing!)  It's a really fun idea, and I look at all those shades of blue lined up for knitting the gorgeous sky every day, and I get really excited about it.  All the shades of blue are my favorite!

I'm so glad I didn't start it this year.  It would be gray.  Gray.  Gray.  Gray.  White.  Gray.  Blue.  Gray.  Gray.  I don't think I'd get my pretty scarf of lovely blues.

Did you figure out that it's raining, again?  Again.

On the plus side:  all the lawns and trees are green, and the people who get paid for mowing lawns are happy.


  1. that's gorgeous! you should totally do it. make a blanket. for me. ;)

  2. I think you're qualified to do it yourself, my dear. You have enough knitting skills for that!


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