Thursday, August 1, 2013

PHF and very Real

round button chicken

See who's on the wall in the background?

"New" dress from Goodwill for the "Swing Night" show at church.  $5.95 + the cost of drycleaning, and it's stunning!  In case you can't tell, it's a gorgeous raspberry color which looks great on.

I bought another, black, gown, because my friends say that we do these shows a couple of times per year, so it's worth it to have a couple.  Especially if they cost only $5.95!!!


A photo I got this morning from my friend who took Meg to camp.  She's having a great time at AHG camp from everything I hear.  Yesterday, I got a photo of her with half-a-dozen new best friends!  


When we were shopping for costumes for the show, she found this dress for herself.  It's an adult size, but with a tank underneath, and tied tightly in the back, it's a maxi on my little girl, and she looks great in it.  She's been dying for an outfit with denim on top, but we usually just see super-short rompers, in the stores, that I won't let her wear.  I think she'll be wearing this one for years as she grows into it!

Go read this post by Grace at Camp Patton.  It's a departure from her usual tales of a crazy life with 3 children under 3.  She tells funny stories of the mayhem of littles, and how nuts they can make us, but you have to read her blog with your tongue firmly in cheek, as she writes it.  This post is more about the "real" Grace and how they use (or don't use) NFP.  She must be a very positive person, because I could never have written such a blog if I were in her shoes!  My kids were spaced farther apart, and my melancholic temperament would not have made the blogosphere a happy place, if I were blogging back then!  

And here's "real" for ya:  I'm heartily sick of NFP!  21-ish years of taking my temp almost every. single. day. is about to drive me over the edge!  I don't know how fertile I really am, but the thought of abandoning NFP for a possible (however unlikely) pregnancy at the age of..ugh...49 next pretty scary.  Grace's faith is inspiring.



  1. Goodwill amazes me sometimes!

    Swing night? How fun!! I wish our church did stuff like that!

  2. yeah, you're making me feel *SO* good about learning stm on my own through the ccli home study course. [/sarcasm] the temping isn't bad (was already doing that) but i get into cervical mucus in a few days and that should be a joy.

    (sidebar: love the red dress!)

  3. oh no! You're going to tempt me back into my bad habit of Goodwilling :)

    and thank you so much for your VERY kind and undeserving words!! Really fun to stumble upon!


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