Monday, August 19, 2013

Recycled Sweater into Yarn

The final results of my Recycled Sweater Experiment.  A mans XL cashmere/Shetland wool cabled sweater, purchased from Goodwill for $4.95, produced approximately 350 yards of worsted weight yarn.  It would have been over 400 had I not had a brain fail and started plying 4 strands instead of just 2 (see that fat ball on the right?).

There's a lot of waste if you don't painstakingly snip the seams, or if the yarn breaks continuously, as this did.

I bought a red sweater for the same purpose, but, aside from that, I doubt I'll try this again.  Too much work for the amount of yarn, though it was a fun experiment, and I got a lot of practice at chain plying.


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