Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Photos in the Powder Room

We did have some Celery Art in these frames, but my daughter and I found that to be something of a failure.  They stayed there too long!

Today, when I had to make a quick run to Costco with that Dear Daughter, I remembered that I wanted to get some prints to replace the celery art.  I think we were getting tired of skimming through the thousands of really bad pictures, on a time limit, and we both thought we had struck paydirt when we got to her photos from Rome. 

She suggested these pics---the one of the public, communal outhouse, and the other of a crumbling statue's backside.  They are the kind of pics a 17 year old in Rome with her graduating class would take!  She was a little taken aback that I agreed so quickly, but they're kind of fun for a bathroom.

What do you think?  Shocking or Funny?  Or do you think most people won't even realize what they're looking at?


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