Thursday, March 15, 2012


Playing with Leila and her girls at LMLD today!

 My newly painted and decorated bathroom!  It used to be, no lie, 'grape jelly', which I loved for years, but we needed a change.  Now it's kind of hydrangea; the pic on the left is a little bright, though.

My lovely daughter Katie bought the paint and painted it for me.  I painted all the frames, and my Pete painted the ceiling.  The artwork is "Celery Art" from Pinterest.  I'm sure you've seen it where you cut the bottom off the bunch of celery and use it as a stamp.  


This is Gus these days.  He's tethered to someone all the time to teach him that we're dominant and he has to go where we go.  He's typically sleeping at my feet.  He also flops down immediately upon coming into the house because it's suddenly so. freaking. hot!


The ladder is still in the foyer and the paint is still in the bathroom.  Days later.


  1. Love the color! Celery art is great frugal art!

  2. you/pete can use that ladder to change the lightbulbs in the basement hallway! ;)

  3. I love using a strong color in the bathroom. It's great! Thanks for joining!

  4. Wow, beautiful everything!


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