Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Checking in...

...After that Quiet Wednesday, it has been a little busy around here!  That's what I get, right?

....I had AHG last week, followed by the Fish Fry on Friday, along with Stations of the Cross which was very nice, but I had forgotten how much it hurts the thighs!

...Saturday I spend all day with 10 American Heritage Girls on an "Adventure Day" where we did team building activities, 3 hours of archery, followed by rock climbing.  Even though I didn't participate in the archery or rock climbing, I was exhausted and sore the next day.  We'll assume that was from the Catholic gymnastics Friday night, and the really steep hills we trudged up and down on Saturday---not from standing around doing nothing.  ;-)  I was amazed to hear that Meg was not sore after all that archery and climbing the 56' tower twice!

...Sunday was unusually busy because I had to catch up on the laundry and give haircuts to my college boys who came home for spring break.  One was super-shaggy and I could hardly wait until I could take the scissors to his flowing locks!

...I'm not doing any knitting, and not much reading.  I've got Style, Sex, and Substance on my nightstand, and I want to stay up all night to read the whole thing!  But it's so good that it's much better to read just one chapter, savor it, and think about the questions it brings up.

....Another busy day begins now with the first of my 2 daily one-mile walks with the dog....

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  1. I prayed the Stations of the Cross the other day and my one leg is still so sore! I know it's not the purpose however fasting and stations cover diet and exercise quite well in my opinion. ;)


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