Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes


It's Friday after a long week and we're not getting much accomplished.  Sometimes I wonder if the week is really as long as it seems, or if it's just Thursdays which are over-scheduled and involve way too much driving around.


One child (Pip) is sick with a bit of a tummy bug.  Not very pleasant, but he's not too bad off.  Meg, OTOH, who has a long-awaited Father-Daughter dance tonight, along with a lovely satin medieval princess dress, is beginning to complain of a stomach ache.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Saying a little prayer for her!


I learned to make Egg Drop Soup last week.  I'd been seeing mentions of it on Paleo boards and thought it might be better than I always imagined---because all those egg shreds looked gross!---so I tried it when Dh and I went out to dinner after Christmas.  It was delicious!  I also thought that it might be the perfect thing for tummy troubles when you need something gentle, but you can't really stand the thought of protein.  There's nothing quite like being a nauseated low-carber and feeling like there's nothing to eat because you don't want toast or crackers!  Pippo has been loving it.


I use the recipe I found at Essential Omnivore.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I don't know if I originally found the recipe there, but I had it bookmarked on Pinterest and was able to find it easily for you!


I'm planning to show you a picture of the aforementioned princess dress later---with the Princess in it.  I've got lots of lovely satin scraps left over that I'd prefer not to waste...Any suggestions?


Now that the Princess dress is finished, I can turn my attention to the other projects:  homeless mat, dalek hat, and felted slippers.  I'm determined not to start anything else until they're all finished!  Oops, forgot my cotton sweater.  Yes, that needs to be finished, too!


I love to sit down in front of a good movie or mini-series to do my knitting.  Now that we have the ipad, I can watch something on Netflix with the earbuds while the kids watch Cupcake Wars or Chopped.  I just finished watching The Way We Live Now, a 4-part mini-series, that was fab.u.lous.  It's another 19th century costume drama.  Love it.  So much that I think I'm going to watch it again since I was interrupted so many times during the last episode.  

Send me your suggestions!


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