Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Cool photo of Pip with his new light saber.  The Coolest.  Light. Saber. Ever.  (Or so I keep hearing!)  Meg took this picture of him in the pitch dark basement---along with a hundred others.

Gus had his Big Day at the vet getting neutered.  Here's what Katie put on FB after reading the paperwork from the vet:

‎'Your pet has been surgically altered. He may be wearing an elizabethan collar.' <--- The PC way to say that your dog has been emasculated and is probably wearing the Cone of Shame.
 ·  · Wednesday at 7:51pm · 

Oh my, that kept me laughing for quite a while!  Although when I take him for a walk with that thing on, it feels like I'm the one wearing the cone of shame!  If I'm embarrassed, how does he feel?


If you're wondering why he's wearing his leash for the photo, it's because we keep the leash on him all the time in the house.  It's awfully handy for catching him when he's done something naughty and is running away!  Or you step on it when you know he's going to jump---on you, on the furniture, or into the dryer.  Yes, the dryer.  He loves to get in there and steal the laundry!  Or if you see the end of it in the hallway and you know he's in the bathroom trash, you can just step on it and give it a jerk.  He gets the correction and he doesn't even know that you're the one who did it!  It's what the trainer told us to do because he has such a strong tendency to be rebellious when we tell him No.  Best tip ever.  


Meg and I have a big event tonight that we're excited about with the American Heritage Girls.  I'll tell you all about it later, and I hope I'll have some pictures!


I just went to awaken the kids for school (we're sleeping LATE today!), and I noticed that IT'S SNOWING!!!  That's charming and fun and all, but this same event (see #4) was cancelled due to snow and ice last year.  What are the odds?  This is South Town, after all, under the auspices of the Heat Miser!


Simply because the Heat Miser can't be viewed in isolation, here is his brother Snow Miser:

Yes, I know it isn't Christmas anymore, but didn't you just love these guys?


Time for school!  :-)
We've been working hard trying to catch up this week.  It would appear that we're much further behind than I thought, so we're doing several lessons of each subject per day.  Kind of tedious, but it works.

Question for all you homeschoolers:  Have you found any great ipad apps for school?  We have Stack the States and the Singapore Math app, but I'd love to know what else is out there.  There are lots of times when it would be great to have some schoolwork with us when we have to be out.  

(In looking for those links, I found Stack the Countries and Presidents vs. Aliens by the same person, so we'll be trying those!)

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  1. Don't worry about Gus! Your trainer would tell you that you are projecting human emotions on a dog. Gus doesn't care about the Cone of Shame, but you can walk him in the backyard if it makes you feel better. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't know what happened to it!

  3. I had to laugh about wearing the leash - my last two puppies wore leashes around the house for at least the first year of life. Makes it soooo much easier to catch!

  4. Wow, boys with light sabers, a cone of shame, heat miser fascination plus homeschooling for over a decade... we have a LOT in common! So glad I found your blog!

  5. Dear Sara, Forgive me for using the comments section to contact you. My name is John Moorehouse and I publish Catholic Men's Quarterly magazine and distribute Classics Illustrated and Classics Illustrated Juniors. I am a homeschooling dad of 4 soon to be 5 and my kids love these and, I love the magazine, though I guess I'm biased on the latter. I would like to invite you to visit the site as we are having a promotion through Valentine's Day for Catholic moms. Awesome Heat Miser and Snow Miser clips by the way. Best regards and God bless,
    John Moorehouse


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