Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prayer Card Table

For our latest homeschool activity, we met at a home where they have 4 children.  I love Angela's modest home, the way the spaces are wide open without tons of furniture.  There is plenty of floor space for little ones to play, as well as several large tables to do projects on!

This is the table in the family room, which she had just done.  It was an old table, not in very good shape, and she wanted to cover it with something other than paint because the surface was so rough.

She was inspired to decorate it with her large collection of holy cards, which I think was a brilliant idea!  The surface is clear and hard.  Perfect for little children and their crafts!

They simply used masking tape around the edge of the table, and then poured a clear, self-leveling epoxy over it.  I don't know exactly what the name was, but it was something like these: Bartop coating,  They got theirs at Home Depot.

This website has some good instructions and tips for making a similar project.
Angela did say that they put the first coat of epoxy down and then pushed the cards down into it, and that she would do it differently next time.  Some of the cards "floated" out of place or curled up on the edges.  She suggested gluing them in place first, and also removing the masking tape as soon as the epoxy begins to harden.

I almost wish I had a crummy table hanging around that I could fix up!


  1. That is an awesome project! I imagine you could do the same thing with a table and a piece of glass. I have some of those cards with the beautiful gold edges -- wish I knew where to get more.

  2. What a GREAT project! I love it!!


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