Monday, February 7, 2011

How to spend a quiet afternoon...

...when you don't have to pick up your high schooler until 5:30, after drama practice.

The day is just wide open with possibilities:

Fold laundry
Wash laundry
Read a new book
Play on the internet

or, you could just take your 12 year-old amateur whittler to the Immediate Care Center for a few (four, to be precise) stitches.

Sorry I didn't get any pics of the wide-open wound.  It was quite deep.

After stitches, but before the dreaded Tetanus Shot.

He did great with that, too.  The nurse had some numbing spray for his arm so he didn't even feel the shot!  Evidently the scariest part of the day was having to tell me what he had done!  But how can you be mad at a child who is actually hurt and contrite?


  1. Oh no! I hope he recovers quickly.

  2. Sadly I have been there done that with Noah when he was about 11. He cut it right up around the thumb nail. Why do boys do these things? They always learn the hard way.

  3. haha!
    I have an almost matching scar! On my left thumb...except it's at the joint in the middle of the thumb....and I did it with a rotary cutter! down to the bone it was!! at an angle too!

    I was pregnant so I refused the stitches and got glued instead,

    tis a pretty little scar......

  4. Oh, Sarah, he recovered a few minutes after we left! He's quite resilient (and proud)!

    Barb, I can only hope that he actually did learn something from this.

    Oooh, MM, those rotary cutters are WICKED sharp! Takes no time at all to slice yourself open.

  5. We took Noah's knife away for a while (he was cutting toward his hand instead of away -- bad technique) and I don't think he ever whittled again after he got it back.


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