Thursday, January 27, 2011


Evidently, I'm not meant to knit or to join in the Yarn Alongs since Safari crashes  every time I try to upload my photo. 

That plus the fact that my knitting is going absolutely no-where.  I'm in about the same place I was last week, only maybe a little farther behind. 

Yes, behind, not ahead.  I was doing so well, didn't even need a Lifeline..... Until I did.

So I ripped it all out and started again, using a lovely, lime-green Lifeline on the 24th row, the last of the pattern repeat.  I was all set to swallow my pride again and use another after the next repeat when I flubbed up the very. last. row.  and had to rip it out down to the lifeline.

Then---would you believe it---I messed it up again only 2 rows later!!!  I was so disgusted that I wanted to hurl it across the room, though I have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't make a very satisfying missile.  I was at the library, too, so that might have been a little awkward.

I feel like Sisyphus.   Or is it Penelope?

My only comfort right now is that I know the Yarn Harlot, professional knitter that she is, has had similar nightmares.  She soothes herself with a beer.  Maybe that's my problem---I'm not drinking enough.

Ah, now Firefox won't upload photos for me either. 

Doomed.  Doomed, I tell you.  My blogging and my knitting.

The reading is good, though.  Maybe I should just concentrate on that for a while!

The Rite.  An Eye-opener.
The Strictest School in the World.   With the kids.  Funny.  A cross between A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Mysterious Benedict Society.  I get most of my book recommendations for kids from Melissa Wiley.
One Thousand Gifts


You can probably find less distraught knitters at Ginny's Yarn-Along!


  1. I have had very few full sections of my patterns (mine repeats every 8 rows -- so a section is 8 rows) where I've not had to backtrack at least a row or two. I have started counting every row. I only have 41 stitches cast on so counting every row is not a big deal. It keeps me from redoing more than a row. In the evenings sometimes I pour a glass of Bailey's on ice to relax while I knit. I think my stitches get more loose, however! haha!

    What do you think of One Thousand Gifts? When I read her blog I often feel so sad -- wondering if the book would do the same thing.

  2. Oh I love that yarn -- I bet it feels good. That's what I wanted for my project!

  3. hmm I dunno, if you aimed the needles and threw them like a dart...that might add some satisfaction to the temperfit....

  4. Hey girlfriend, will you share what yarn that is?


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