Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Weeks--Vol. 2 "Snowpocalypse"

I'm linking up with sweet Barbara over at Praying for Grace today.

After 6 days
Ready to go play!
This has been an amazing week. After only 4 days of school in January, we got hit with a rare snowstorm here in Georgia that has paralyzed most of the state, and kept the kids out of school for a full week!
Card playing when they're tired of snow.

The snow itself was on the high end for us(4-5 inches here), but it wouldn't have been such a big deal if it hadn't been topped with ice.  That, combined with the fact that the temperatures have stayed below freezing for the whole week, means that pretty much everything has been shut down all week.  If temps had risen the way they normally do, this would have been all over in a day or two!
Doesn't everyone have a slinky in the midst of their baking?

It's been great.  We've relaxed, and played, and baked, and read.  Only Pete, who sleeps most of the days away,and stays in his lair bedroom the rest of the time, is a little stir crazy.  Dh is a tiny bit stressed because he needs to work to pay the bills, but I think he has enjoyed being around more and getting extra sleep.
Home work and a snack.

We're turning into such lazy folks.  Sleeping until we awaken naturally.  Going to bed early, or late, as we choose.  Not so governed by the clock.   The children have spent hours and hours playing outside with their friends.
Decorating with all my white stuff after putting away Christmas.
Wii Wipeout

I got out with the young'uns yesterday for our weekly milk and egg run and a visit to Trader Joe's.  The roads were both better and worse than I had imagined.  Some places were great; others were very dangerous.
Pip's 12 birthday on Monday.
Baking biscuits.  You have to have lots of carbs, right?

We had to cancel our long-awaited Mother/Daughter sleepover with the American Heritage Girls.  It was going to be such fun! 

Our ten-day weekend should be over on Tuesday after MLK Day.  It will be a harsh new reality!  Of course, getting back to routine has it's benefits; I'm just trying to enjoy it as it comes along!


  1. What a week to remember! Love your abominable snowman! And your white decor -- very pretty. Happy Birthday Pip!

    And, hey, thanks for calling me "sweet." ;-)

  2. Enjoyed your pictures!

    Came over via Barb. Gotta ask how is Wii Wipeout? The kids luv that show and are interested in getting the game.

  3. The children are really enjoying the Wipeout game on Wii. They have a lot of fun with it, and they get to shoot balls and stuff at the other contestants!

  4. too fun!!

    sometimes we schedule our vacations....sometimes God does! I think they're more fun when He does it without warning us ahead of time!!!

    it was 23 degrees when I left the house this AM. only about 33 now. But it's sunny and clear so the roads are only a problem where people-businesses mostly left their SPRINKLERS on!!


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