Friday, January 28, 2011


7 Great Things about Friday

It's Easy Day in school!  For years now we've had a light school load on Fridays because Mother of Divine Grace curriculum recommends it, so you can do things like go to the doctor or run errands.  Even though we don't really use MODG anymore, we've kept that principle for the doctor visits, field trips, and the co-ops that generally occur on Friday.

Aaaaah, it's a much more relaxed school day.  That's what Pip would say, except he's currently sound asleep on the sofa after the long drive to Tom's school this morning!

All this relaxing-ness comes conveniently after Thursday (American Heritage Girls day).  I always need a bit of a break after that; I don't know what I'd do if AHG were on a Monday.  

Heaven, forbid!

The weekend is ahead!  Now, sometimes, weekends are not at all relaxing, but even if they're not they bring the possibility of seeing my dear husband more during the days (instead of doing that exhausted ships-passing-in-the-night thing).  We can stop and have strength-inducing hugs and kisses in the kitchen and gross out our kids!

More knitting time in the day, and the hope of more such time over the weekend.  Even though Knitting and I are not exactly friends right now.  We've reach a tenuous truce and are trying to work out our differences.  Well, I am, anyway.   Knitting is being as feisty as ever.

I pretty much have the weekend off from listening to The Return of the King in the car.  That's good and bad.  Bad, because it's a great book and we're near the end.  Good, because I've been in tears every morning this week listening  to the battle for Gondor and all the heroic deeds.  I could use a little break from all the emotion.  

2 whole days off from teaching Math!

Need I say more?

Confession tomorrow morning!  That's always a great way to start the weekend, especially when it's been a bit too long since the last visit.

What do you love about Fridays???

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  1. To me Fridays feel like the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders...


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