Monday, August 16, 2010

You don't know how lucky you are...

...that I didn't post my 7 Quick Takes on Friday!  It was the culmination of a pretty stressful week, and I was still so busy that I didn't have time to finish them!

So, I'll delete that draft and we'll move on from there, forgetting that week ever happened.

Well, I won't forget, but you won't have to hear about all of it!

Suffice it to say that it was a week of transitions:

I sent my 4th wonderful child off to a new high school.

I sent my 2nd amazing child off to his second year of college in a new apartment.

I sent my 1st precious baby off to her senior year of college in a shockingly, shabby apartment. (But she and her friends have made it very cute!)

All while picking up my 3rd fabulous child from his last week of summer football practice.  Ever.

And trying to plan my 16th year of homeschooling, which involves only 2 dear young children.

And trying not to think about any of it.

Oh, and starting that 16th year of homeschooling with only 2 children, which should be a breeze, but I'm trying something new and I don't know what I'm doing....I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

If I live to tell about it.


  1. My husband and I were married for 4 years of college, and a lot of our apartments were surprisingly shabby. :-)

    Good luck with this week!

  2. New beginnings with your new "group" sounds like a plan. Just think of all the time you'll have to do fun things (and I should follow my own advice).

    I'm going to be sending one off for his senior year of high school next week and I'll be sad then. The next week begins my last year with Noah at home. Trying not to think about it...

  3. all that not thinking can wear a girl out.


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