Friday, August 6, 2010

7 (Not-so) Quick Takes

Today's Quick Takes consist of things to do on a sluggish Friday morning!  Although, truth be told, most, if not all, of my mornings are extremely sluggish.  I'm told it has something to do with my extremely low blood-pressure, but hey, who needs an excuse to be lazy?

Get your watered down cup of coffee and settle down in front of the computer.  I can hear you asking why the heck my coffee is watered down if I'm so sluggish!  Well, I can't handle too much caffeine and I've settled on this small amount that doesn't cause me problems.  It's mostly for the taste anyway!

Read your usual stuff on the internet, especially the fun linky-parties of thrifty decorating!

Add more new blogs to your Google Reader (for future sluggish mornings, dontcha know) and imagine finding the energy to go out to the weekend yardsales, find treasures and refurbish them. 

Why is it that they always have to be in the mornings and not the afternoons when I'm ready to get moving?

Fondly remember last Friday when you had plenty of morning energy (where did that come from?!) and you decided to paint your sons' large bedroom.  It was amazing.  Madden came home from football practice and was not happy to find his room torn up, so he graciously offered to help paint and re-arrange furniture.  So he'd be able to relax.  We got it 90% finished and the furniture put back in place.  I'll take pics when it's really finished.  

Start thinking about how TMax goes to school for the first time on Monday and you'll have to start driving him every morning at 7 a.m.

Or don't think about that one.  

It's too exhausting.

Plan your day:  laundry, decluttering, painting.  And think about going back to bed because the list is exhausting.

Move to another chair and do your morning prayers.  Realize that that should have been the First Thing all along, but it's hard to focus on Jesus when I can barely focus!

And finally, have a great day!

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  1. I have low blood pressure, too. Sometimes it's like I'm not really there it's so low.

    I drink watered down coffee, too -- to cut the acid. But it has to be really hot. With just a tiny squirt of honey.

    I don't use Google Reader -- am I missing out on something great?

    I'm trying to summon the energy to paint the hall upstairs. Will she make it? I'll let you know later.

    Sorry about 7 a.m. Ouch. Early to bed.

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. I don't do mornings!! Takes me 15-20min to " open my eyes and stumble out of bed". As hubby tells me. There's no real reason, I'm just a night owl.


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