Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School!

First day of school (with hallways!) for TMax today!  Yes, I'm sending another one off to high school, and he's the first one back to school so far.  No one else starts until next week, although KT and Hitch will officially leave at the end of the week for college.
A friend asked if I was lonely today.  


I didn't have time to be lonely since I had plenty to do still.  Lots of driving.  Lots of kids in the house and at the pool.  Dentist.

Now, next week is another story.  Check on me then when all my big kids are back to school and I'm at home with the 2 littles.  Not that being home with them is bad; I'm looking forward to all the fun we're going to have.

But it will sure be quiet all of a sudden.


  1. School starts in 2 weeks here. I'll have 2 going 5 days a week this year..... Wonder if it'll be too quiet for me to sleep?


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