Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

What I Learned During My First Week of School

You really can knit in the car!  That is, if you have a very simple project that is just miles of stockinette and doesn't require any thought, and if you have lots of stop lights.

I have both, so I don't feel as if my 2 hours in the car each day are a total waste---I'm getting something done!

Even with a 2-hour commute, with only 2 children in your homeschool, you have a lot more free time!  Of course, I should be using that free time to plan out the rest of our schedule, which might fill up some of those empty hours.

It is well to have yet another knitting project available at the school table (the other one stays in the car all the time!).  It keeps you anchored there while the children read to you or work on math problems.  You're getting something done (aside from the not-so-obvious, yet major accomplishment of educating your children), and you're not getting distracted by "just checking your email real quick!"

I don't think 180 days of math assignments is enough to finish 60" (that's 5 feet, people!) of K1P1 rib, let alone the gazillions of K2P2 rib that follow.

I don't knit very fast.

The Charlotte Mason method of education involves a LOT of books.  I've collected so many geography books that it's going to seriously cut into my knitting time.

You probably thought that this post was going to be much more about home education than knitting.  


I don't know what made you think that!

Have a great Friday/weekend!  And I hope you get a lot of knitting done!

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  2. What in the world are you knitting that is 5 feet?

    Word verification: oomish (The Oomish in Ohio like to knit, too.)

    Get it? Oomish? Amish? Ok back to lesson plans. Getting silly.

  3. @Barb, it's a sweater and that 5 feet is the sleeves from one cuff to the other!


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