Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Daybook

Outside my window...Darkness.  The days get shorter and I can tell.  My body knows that the daylight is dwindling and the darkness is growing.  It makes me oh! so glad I live in the South where I have more daylight than others!

I am thinking...about how beautiful homeschooling can be.  And how stressful and I wonder if I will ever find the balance between loving the learning and checking off the subjects.

I am thankful for...the opportunity to homeschool my kids.  It has taught me as much as I've taught them, or more, because I've learned new textbook lessons as well as life-lessons.

From the learning rooms...The highlight of our days is Ann Voskamp's Geography.  Pipster and Princess are loving it, and I am, too.  Yesterday was an especially good day.  I found poetry to listen to, and videos to watch about the moon landing, and an American Heritage Girls badge to work on that all go together.  I also decided to skip to the section in her science text on the planets so we could combine it all.  Today we'll make a model of the universe in the cul-de-sac and have fun!

From the kitchen...I'd really like to step up my menu planning thanks to Barb's influence, and add lunches to the menu.  I also need to find some new recipes.  I'm bored.  (That's the same entry from last time.  Nothing has changed.  I'm in survival mode, trying to make sure that I have a meal planned to go with the day's activities.)

I am pajamas and robe because my leisurely mornings are a hard habit to break.  I have to leave here in 20 minutes. The young 'uns just woke up and it's time for me to be on the move!

I am creating...A custom knit sweater for Pipster.  It's my first KAL (knit-along), so I wanted to try it, but it's crazy since I have the sweater I started for myself, the dress in the car (does that count?), and gauntlets that I promised to Princess for her halloween costume.

I am the bank and garden today.  (Ha!  Not really! That's another old entry, but every time I pass the garden, 4X a day to and from school, I think to myself how smart it was to give it up.  I'm a little wistful not to have a garden, but I don't have time for that one!

I'll be making my trips to and from school today.

I am reading...An enchanting book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause.  A thrill a minute, let me tell you. (Still.  5 mins. per night.)

Need to order Mockingjay which just came out, and I'm regretting that I didn't pre-order!

I am hearing...Music from Ann Voskamp's blog.  I thought I closed the window, but I guess not.  It's beautiful and soothing and makes me want to live my life with purpose, and beauty, and joy.

Around the house...Knitting needles everywhere.  Be careful where you sit!

One of my favorite things...quiet mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  AHG starts tomorrow!  I'm excited for the year to start.  The troop is coming together nicely.  No choir yet.  I'm glad to have another week off.  

And I'm seriously thinking about painting a piece of furniture. My father and brother are of the "You never paint good wood" variety.  My mother was a rebel and painted everything she hated white.  I have this desk that is, of course, all wrapped up in memories of her and I want to paint it white, but part of me wants to keep it the way it was when she gave it to me.  It's not exactly, but it's close.  It's not as if it's a good piece of furniture as the veneer is completely gone from the top, but, you know.  What would you do?

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

~~~~~~~~~~Standing in the middle of the sun~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The view from Neptune

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  1. Where's Pluto?? Down the street?? :-)

    I like painted wood. Hubby hates it. Tis a constant battle. I say paint it!


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