Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Favorite Catholic Devotions

I'm going to jump on the Meme bandwagon with everyone else.  No one seems to be tagging anyone, or they're tagging everyone!  Lol.

So, in no particular order----that is, the order I think of them----here are the 7 devotions I practice the most (with the disclaimer that I don't practice any of them as well as I would like):

The Magnificat
For me, this is the best way to keep up with my prayers.  I have several great apps on my ipod, but I prefer a book, and this one has all the essentials that I want:  morning prayer, Mass readings, a meditation of the day, and evening prayer.

The Rosary
The old Catholic stand-by.  Our family prays a decade together nearly every night, and I try to get in a whole rosary when I'm alone.  That's not often, though.  Usually when I'm in the car and no one wants to be with me to make the long drive!

Sometimes I'll try to pray it as I go through my day doing chores, but I get very distracted and rarely finish. But it's something, right?  Lots of times when I awaken in the night from insomnia or night sweats, I'll think it's a call to pray for someone and I pray the rosary then.  God knows who needs it.

I love getting out to daily Mass, but it has been a long time since we did that.  I'm hoping to get back into the habit once school starts.  At least once or twice a week.

First Fridays and First Saturdays
Since we had our home consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, First Fridays are part of that.   Our parish has an overnight vigil every month.  Rosary at 8, Friday Mass at 9, prayers and adoration, Saturday Mass  at 1 a.m.   

We really try to make it every month to Confession.  It helps keep us on our toes!  

I had a priest get after me once at the huge Eucharistic Congress we have in Atlanta----he said we need to go every 2 weeks!!  He was very firm about it.  So there you have it folks, from a very holy priest:  Confession at least every 2 weeks!

Or maybe he meant just me?

Divine Mercy Chaplet
I don't do this one regularly, but I love it, and it was immensely comforting to pray it at my mother's bedside when she was dying.

I saw someone else mention this, and I heartily concur.  It might not be what you normally think of as a devotion, but I do it frequently.  I try to commit to memory hymns that I love, and I do sing them often as I go about my day.  


Your turn!  Have you listed your favorite devotions yet?


  1. I'm next to you on the bandwagon -- thanks for the open invite! Y'know, I just recently heard a trick for praying the Rosary with chores: announce the number of the Hail Mary at its start. It really helps!

    Will I get to see you on the 21st (St. Peter Chanel this time, 10:30 - 1)? Hope so!

  2. I hope I get to see you, Kalynne! I have it on my calendar.

  3. I sing all.the.time. too.

    funny thing. just here lately The Beatles' "Let it Be" has brought me great comfort....think about the words for a bit. ... and it's come on my ipod (on shuffle) almost EVERY time I turn it on...and I have 247 songs on there!

    yeah, sang em all my life and NEVER paid attention to them till this last month!! but Mary is sneaking up on me lately...this is only one of the many stealthy ways.


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