Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This post is part of Kelly's Real Food Wednesday.  I was going to post it regardless of the day, ;-), but you can find more real food posts at Kelly The Kitchen Kop.

Yesterday afternoon, I was telling KT about the yummy chicken enchiladas my sister-in-law Kelly made while I was staying at her house.  She says she got the recipe from me years ago, but I don't remember ever making them.  You know, one of those things you find on the internet and print out and never make use of?

You don't do that?  Oh.

Anyway, I was telling KT the recipe:

2 C shredded, cooked chicken
4 oz. cream cheese (that's half a block)
1 small can of chopped green chilies.

I used a mixer to blend it all together and it had the happy effect of making the chicken even more finely shredded.  That was a surprise to me!  I had never used a mixer on chicken before, but it made the job of enchiladas much more doable.  They've been such a chore for me that I would only make them on rare occasions when I had all afternoon to spend on it!


We decided to make turkey enchiladas because I already have cooked, leftover turkey in the fridge.  But KT was in a creative mood.

Instead of chicken, we'll use turkey.

Instead of chilies, can I have bacon?
We still used the same ratios of meat and cream cheese,
and rolled it in a whole wheat tortilla.

Instead of enchilada sauce on top, can I have sauteed mushrooms and onions?

Instead of monterey jack cheese, can I have smoked provolone?
Don't leave them in the oven too long or they get tough!  
Dinner around here is hard to time because I never know when exactly Dh will be home with Madden
(traffic is unpredictable!)

I suggested the addition of gravy made with bacon drippings to add a little more moisture.  Just use your basic gravy or white sauce recipe.

Voila!  The Turbaconada!

It was quite delicious!


  1. Seriously, I want some of this now. It really sounds good.

  2. well, now, that's quite....different

    glad you liked it!


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