Friday, March 12, 2010

Disgusting, Disappointing, and Sad

This news about the Girl Scouts of America.

We quit years ago when I saw the direction they were headed with Planned Parenthood and lesbian leaders.  I won't even buy a box of cookies to support them.  I understand the local troop gets a mere 10% of the money from their cookie sales.  So if you buy them, you are most definitely furthering the twisted agenda of the national organization, no matter how pro-life or Christian your local troop claims to be.

I never thought I would be a girls' scout leader, but I'm proud to belong to the country's premiere Christian scouting organization, American Heritage Girls. 

As an American Heritage Girl, I promise to be:

Compassionate - Understanding others in fellowship, empathy, kindness, and caring. Respect others' opinions and emotions.
Helpful - Willingly serve others.
Honest - Always tell the truth and keep my promise.
Loyal - True to God, family, friends, community and country.
Perseverant - Continuing to strive toward a goal despite obstacles.
Pure - Keep my mind and body pure.
Resourceful - Wisely use my time, materials and talents.
Respectful - Honor my country, be obedient to those in authority and courteous to all.
Responsible - Accountable for my own actions. Reliable in all situations.
Reverent - Faithful and honoring to God. Respectful to the beliefs of others.

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