Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes


I can't believe it's Friday.  Already.  And Palm Sunday is just 2 days away.  Lent goes so quickly sometimes, especially when you're having a hard time wrapping your head around it.

Some people are able to give up coffee or whatever and just breeze through Lent.  Yes, maybe a little sleepier than usual, but they make it.  And then go back to drinking coffee when it's over.  It seems like every year is a huge struggle for me to stay faithful to my commitment(s).  Every day is a new battle.

I find that 2 things generally happen.  One is that God had other plans for me and He twists my sacrifice around to suit Him.  Not me.  The other thing that happens is usually an unexpected change that I didn't know I needed.  

Okay, to be fair, I knew I needed it, but it wasn't really on my radar for Lent!  lol.

I'm reminded daily that I'm weak and I can't do anything on my own, only through Him and with Him.  And in case I couldn't figure it out on my own, He has one of my really wise friends tell me so!


We enjoyed the Solemnity of the Annunciation yesterday while eating waffles for dinner.  They were delicious, though we're still not clear on why they're traditional.

Now, it's back to Lent.

(Did you 'take the day off' yesterday?)


After looking at tons of posts on $5 spring decorations from Lindsay's blog party, I'm dying to make a trip to the Dollar Store for some supplies.  I might even spend $10 and do 2 (or more) projects!  There is a serious lack of Easter decoration in this home, and that's just not right.


Looking at my calendar, I can see that today is the day I begin deep cleaning my house for Easter.  One floor at a time.  Fortunately, we've done a fair bit of that as we went through the bedrooms decluttering, but it will still be a big job.

I don't know how I'm supposed to do this and school, too.  


I was so excited this week to win the MikaRose giveaway at Betty Beguiles' blog.  I've got to go pick out my new dress today!  I think that was a little present from St. Joseph since I won on his feast day.  Now, it's not exactly what we've been praying for, but I think it means he's got us covered.


I'm happy to say that I'm getting back into the habit of exercising every day.  Or nearly so.  I'm aiming for 5 days a week.  I'm back in the basement doing The Firm workouts, which I love.  Have you checked out the Exercise TV on On Demand?  I like to use that on alternate days for an easier workout like 10 minute abs, or yoga.  There is all kinds of stuff, even parts of Jillian's evil 30 Day Shred.  I have that one, and I frankly don't think that anyone should do it for 30 days.  Everyone I've know who has done it, has looked great and dropped it after 30 days.  It's just too intense.  Every other day is fine, people.  Alternate your workouts!  :-)

FYI, today is not an exercise day by virtue of the fact that I'll be getting up from the computer and doing seriously strenuous housework at an aerobic pace in order to get it all done!


Have you been watching Molly?   We have.  We keep the popup window open all day so we can see what's going on.  She's had 3 of her 6 eggs hatch.  It's really neat to watch her feeding the owlets and see them growing.  We've even seen her hack up an owl pellet!  It's not so fun when she rips the head off a rat and eats it whole.  Or pulls the intestines out of a baby bunny bit by bit and then horks down the liver!  But it is fun telling you about it.  ;-)

Her spouse, McGee, is keeping quite busy hunting for them.  Since they're in CA, he usually arrives in the middle of the night when we're not watching, to bring a supply of food for the family.  He sleeps elsewhere during the day.  I keep thinking how tired Molly must be because she's up quite a bit during the day to feed those babies!  I hope she's resting at night, but she's always wide awake when we tune in early in the morning.


Have a Blessed Friday!

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  1. I have been wondering the same thing about spring cleaning and home schooling -- I didn't get one thing accomplished on my schedule yesterday (nothing but school and regular cooking/laundry). How do I clean for Easter and have a spring break afterward? Seems almost impossible, Yet, I don't want to take my break next week and clean during the entire week! I need a cleaning lady, how 'bout you?

  2. huh, never heard of Jillian followed you link. yeah, like I'm gonna stare at HER for the workout. ha.

    think I"ll stick to the beast. 8.5 miles...working on getting faster now. care to cheer me on I'm facebooking all progress......

    and while Lent is draging on forever, Easter seems to be sneaking up on me. I gotta get some goodies for my little bunnies....


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