Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Week of Summer?

I'm not sure whether it is or not.  The public school neighbors go back on Monday, the 10th.  KT and Hitch leave later in the week for college.

That could be my last week of summer where I sit back and relax, and enjoy days without the doorbell ringing constantly!  

I really wouldn't be sitting back and relaxing, though.  They would be days filled with last minute errands for college.  Last minute decluttering of my home.  Last minute scheduling of lessons for my homeschoolers.  Last minute book-buying for my high schooler.

I might as well start ringing my bell in the mornings, like Carol, and getting the young'uns used to getting up again.  I might as well pull out their books and let them get reacquainted with them.  Pipster and LP can finish up their math books as a review.  They can start learning how to use our new, sketchy Skedtracker.  We can start reading some books together to see if they remember how to read.  

We can gradually get used to the quiet around here as, little by little, our friends and family go back to school, and it's just me and my 3.  I look forward to being with my little peeps (although  TMax isn't really one of the little ones anymore!).  We enjoy our days together,  but I think we'll be a bit sad and wistful, missing our big kids and the fun they bring to the family.

Oh, darn it.  Now I'm a wreck.  What a way to start the day!


  1. Oh, no! Don't start the day that way! Think happy thoughts -- just not so happy that you go sailing into the air like Mary Poppins! (Although maybe that would not be so bad...)

    Noticed your clan list. Funny how the baby in nearly every family is the little prince or little princess.

  2. umm, a little peace and quiet can be a good thing!

    we're really looking forward to school starting.....:-)

    But we still have 3 weeks left...


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