Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it Friday Already?


Week 2 of school has been going well, but it's getting harder to wake up in the morning and get started. We're figuring out some of the nuances (i.e. irritations) of the Homeschool Skedtracker. It's working for us though, and we're getting our work done, too.


Last night's training meeting for American Heritage Girls had to be cancelled at the last minute, which turned out to be Providential because not long after that I got a call from Hitch that he had the flu. He went to the Student Health Center because he needed a doctor's excuse for missing work and classes. They confirmed that he has "flu-like symptoms" and since he lives nearby (an hour and a half away) could he please go home to recuperate.

So I spent the bulk of rush hour yesterday driving to Athens to pick him up, see KT for a few minutes which turned into a round-about trip to Burger King for dinner for both of them, return his due DVD to the U. library, and finally head home with my very sick college freshman.

I'm happy to see him, but I don't want his little friend to come and stay.


"Land Ho!" cried Christopher Columbus.

(Pip has been reading about explorers this week.)


The Little Princess and I are making a Madeline lapbook thanks to Jessica's inspiration. We love lapbooks and (shhhh, don't tell her) but it keeps her from escaping downstairs to watch the Disney channel while the boys and I are still working on school!


From outside I'm hearing the sound of very. heavy. rain. I'm starting to worry about my roof since its old, and most of the neighbors have had theirs replaced due to hail damage. ugh. Trying not to think about it.


I picked a bunch of green tomatoes from my garden yesterday since the vines are dying. I had planned to make fried green tomatoes last night, but, ahem, see #2. I'll make them tonight, Good Lord willing. It's time to plant our fall gardens over at the community garden. I'm hoping to have spinach and kale and brussels sprouts!


Exciting changes are coming in the Mass! As one of my friends explained very succinctly in an email this morning, the rest of the world got good translations 40 years ago from the Latin, while the English version that we're used to is a mistranslation. The new translations should be available soon, and God willing, put into place in our parishes.

The other exciting thing is that I got to go to a Church music symposium last weekend with our music director. We went to a workshop on Gregorian chant with Jeffrey Tucker (who you can find at the New Liturgical Movement) which was wonderful. The Mass that opened the symposium was incredible---such a beautiful example of how reverent and uplifting the music can be at Mass. And glory be, we're going to be trying out some of what we learned at our parish!! Not at every Mass (yet), but it's a start. I'm excited!

Have a great, rainy day!


  1. I hope Hitch doesn't have THE flu, and I hope he doesn't share (QUARANTINE!).

    Please send your rain northward!

  2. love that pic.
    sorry the boy's sick

    when wanting to prevent a rant
    pull out a Gregorian chant.

    goodnight Gracie.


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