Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Quick Takeses (Gollum Edition)


I didn't share my birthday presents with you the other day because, as much as I loved them all, they were not the most important part of my day. That was the love from my family! But one present, which the Pipster wanted me to open first because it was from him, looked very familiar. Inside the wrapping was an old-fashioned candy tin which I thought KT had bought at Classy Clutter for herself. I looked over at her and she's laughing hysterically.

Inside the tin are the 2 hobnail salt and pepper shakers that she had also bought for herself.

Pipster and the Little Princess had wrapped them while KT and I were out because they were looking for the present from LP and we told them it was in the bag in KT's room. So they wrapped everything in the bag. I think they just wanted to give me a lot of presents! But KT took them back.


I got these from my Dad, but he doesn't know it yet! I feel like I have duck feet when I wear them, but they're pretty cool. I'm looking forward to taking them out on the road after I break in my feet.


This guy is leaving for college in about 40 minutes. It's time to wake him up and load the car. Yesterday, we were packing and cleaning his room (While he wondered why his mother couldn't just let him pack. Why did it have to be cleaned, too?) and we found this mess under his bed. All the mail to this highly sought-after young man from many universities.


I'm going to miss him.


I've always thought that God prepares us gently for changes. You know, moms have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom while we're pregnant to prepare for baby's nightwaking. That kind of thing. They grow up little by little. We're prepared for teens leaving home because they're busy and out of the house so much, and when they're home, they're in their rooms. So it shouldn't be that different, right? Wrong. His presence will be missed. He's larger than life when he's here with us.


When KT went off to school 2 years ago, it was just a few days after we returned from my dear mother's funeral. I think I was in shock and just plain depressed. So, I didn't really mourn her leaving, specifically. It just seemed a part of the same, huge upheaval that I'd been through that whole year.

I think this time, I'll mourn both children leaving.


On a more cheerful note, dh and I get to go see Dr. Ray Guarendi tomorrow. Our homeschool group is hosting him. It will be my 3rd time seeing him. He gives great parenting advice as a the father of 10 children, most of whom have special needs. Plus, he's funny as all get out and we'll be literally rolling in the aisles with tears running down our faces. I'm really looking forward to that.



  1. Enjoy Dr. Ray.

    (got here from CD)

  2. So glad you had a fun birthday surrounded by your family.
    My oldest is old enough to be heading to school but he wanted to earn a little more money first. I don't think I'm ready for him to leave the home.

  3. Shoot - we missed it! We really wanted to go to that too. If I had read your blog on Friday instead of Sunday I might have been there too! :-(

    Tell us how it was!

  4. oh man, I wanna go see a guy with SNKs and a good sense of humor!! some days mine goes into hiding!

    I remember having all those college mailings...sigh...that was a LOONG time ago.

    oh wow. 2 in college. my oldest starts kindergarten NEXT WEEK! ack!

    I'm holding tight to you, friend, cause I'll have all 3 leave home...over the course of 3 years. double ack!! learn all about it for me so you can help when it's my turn!!!

  5. You can visit Dr. Ray's website( and buy his DVD's to see how funny he is. He's also on EWTN radio, Ave Maria radio, and Sirius.


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