Thursday, February 9, 2012


round button chicken


Meg did all the requirements to earn her Sewing achievement badge yesterday and today by mending a shirt, sewing on her badges, learning to use the sewing machine, and by making one of these holders for my knitting needles.  I made one at the same time so I could make the mistakes first and show her what to do.  She did a great job!

We could file this under {happy} too since I'm beyond thrilled to have a better way to corral my needles.  I've been dying to find the time to make these rolls, and I was finally able to get the project done while helping Meg earn a badge at the same time.


The dog cuddled up on his legs/backside while he studies.

{Happy} is also friends apologizing and trying work things out.


Using a drill to open up the coconuts, and then drinking the water.  Meg didn't love it, but I did and drank that one.  We just had to get these when they showed up at our store for the first time ever.


My freezer was driving me nuts, so I went on an organizing spree.  I had already gotten the little basket on the top shelf for "health food" stuff like coconut flour, and then I bought 2 more baskets.  One of them holds different types of pork or "other" meats while the lower one holds all beef.  It's so much easier to see and find things even though there is still too much in it!

My pantry and drawers were driving me crazy, too, so they look a LOT better than they did.  Now that's capturing contentment!  I function so much better when my spaces are organized and uncluttered----a fact which might surprise certain people who live here, since I'm not perfect by any means.


  1. i'm loving meg's knit-roll.

    i've been wanting to give the kids a whole coconut. looks like fun.

    i never thought to put my coconut flour in the freezer. how does that work for you?

  2. I am now a doggy owner and appreciate pups who like to hang with the family...even on the back of legs!

  3. I love the needle holder--I need to make one of those too! Clutter and disorganization really do mess up our contentment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the needle holder too! Mine almost works, it's a re-purposed diaper folder, but the pocket is not quiet tall enough.

  5. I love needle holders! I used to have all of mine loose in my knitting bag...ugh! I used this needle roll was very easy to make and I love all the space mine has:

  6. Good job with the freezer! And I really like the needle roll, too.


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