Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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I'm attempting this project again, just like last week.  Same book, too:  A Jane Austen Education, which is due today at the library.  I'm not going there, but I might try to renew it online since I'm really enjoying it, but I haven't the time these days to sit and get into it.  

Anyway....this hat, this Scots Bonnet, or Tam 0'Shanter, whatever you want to call it, is making me crazy.  You can go back and read about my first attempt, here.  I started making another one last week, and DH asked me how long it would take to knit.  My response was that I could knit it fairly quickly (and I'm a slow knitter) in an intense weekend.  Well, the weekend came and went and I was still knitting.  The rest of the week came and went and I was still knitting.  I got in a good couple of hours of knitting at Trivia on Friday night.  Then, instead of being good and going to bed afterward, I worked on it some more, and I don't what possessed me to look at the directions....

I discovered to my horror that instead of increasing 8x per round, and then decreasing 8x per round, I had only done 4x per round up, and 4x per round down.  So I had a giant bag instead of a much smaller hat!  I was near tears as I ripped it all the way back to the brim and started frantically knitting again.  This hat had a deadline.  Which I have not met. 

I'm close to the end, finally, and I might actually get to felt it today.  Cross your fingers and say a wee prayer for me!



  1. I love the color -- even though it took a while to get to the felting point, that's going to be such a lovely finished hat! Good for you for sticking with it!

  2. pretty color
    hoping the felting goes well!
    God Bless

  3. fingers crossed for you! Love the colour of the hat.

  4. I am so sorry! I hate frogging things, it is so depressing, but the hat will be lovely I am sure!


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