Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This week's knit is another Scottish Bonnet.  I adjusted the number of stitches to make it fit better, but I'm afraid this one is going to be a disaster, too!  I wonder if I actually used a different sized needle than the one it called for in the pattern.  Is it possible that I checked my gauge and adjusted accordingly without writing down the changes I made?  Seems unlikely...unless you look at the size of this hat.  It looks scary.  I hope the magic of felting will make it come out right!!!

My book---yes, I'm actually reading this week!---is A Jane Austen Education.  It was recommended by A Modern Mrs. Darcy, so I snagged it from the library.  As much as I love Jane, I thought it would be an interesting read.  And it is.  I daresay I'm learning much more about her books than I expected, and I shall have to pull them out and reread them with new perspective!


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  1. good luck with the felting, i hope you don't have disappointment at the end of this project! it is such a great color too!



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