Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes

There's light at the end of the tunnel----and it's a school bus!  We've finished dealing with the worst of the summer mayhem here, and are ready to wrap up Summer with a few family activities this weekend.  Then it's off to school for everyone next week---Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be Big Days.  I expect lots of tears from myself and others!

The painters wrapped up very quickly in just 2 days, but they left more than 2 days worth of dusting!  We've done a large part of it, but there's still more....we keep finding migrates all over the house!
They also turned our kitchen table sideways when they moved the furniture.  I've left it because, while it seems very strange, it leaves more room to walk past the table into the family room.

There is still stuff all over the house that doesn't have a home and needs to find a new one---either here or somewhere else---but we're working our way through it.  Rehanging art on the walls in new locations since we made this Gallery Wall of my mother's paintings in the family room.  That left a few gaps to be filled elsewhere!

We donated flowers for the altar at Mass on Sunday in honor of our 25th anniversary.  There's always a notice in the bulletin saying who donated the flowers, and a very nice, older gentleman sent us a dozen roses for our anniversary!  Wasn't that sweet?  It brought tears to my eyes!

Woot!  Just got a new DVD player in the mail!  It was a cheapo $30 one to replace the one downstairs.  I haven't been able to do my Supreme 90 workout for 2 days because the other broke.  It's amazing how much better the picture is on this one.  It's also amazing how fast I got it from Amazon with that 2-day shipping.

7 Quick Takes aren't very quick when your photos don't show up in iphoto...and you wait all day for that magic moment so you can upload them to your blog.

We have a new "driver" in the family.  TMax (Tom) just got his learner's permit last week and I finally had a few minutes to spare to take him out.  Usually, I drive to an empty parking lot just outside our neighborhood and we spend several hours there over the course of a few Saturdays before venturing out on the road.  Since today is a workday and the lot is full, I just let him back out of the driveway and drive around 2 cul-de-sacs.  That was enough for him!  The driveway alone is very traumatic since it has a tricky curve in it and you either hit the mailbox (steel) or go off the curb.  At least he aimed for the curb!

All six of my children will be home for the weekend!  We haven't seen Brendan in 2 months!!   Fun times ahead.
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Wait a minute!! What yellow school bus -- who is getting on it??

  2. I was speaking metaphorically, Barb, although there will be an obnoxious schoolbus that pulls up to my driveway every morning, shines it's headlights in my window, and proceeds to back up while employing noisy warning beepers. Drives me nuts.


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